The AJA EQS EARA Approved EMS/ISO 14001
Leader Auditor Training Course

Course Synopsis

The 5 day training course bas been initially developed against the Generic Syllabus formulated by the UK's Environmental Auditor Registration Association for such courses.

The Generic Syllabus provides the outlines, for training course providers, of requirements for minimum professional training standards in the disciplines of Environmental Management System Auditing.

In order for these "Lead Assessor" training Courses to have FULL value and relevance to the delegates attending, EARA have determined that, moving on from the Generic Syllabus, the courses should be "nationalized" by due recognition and coverage of the Environmental Legislative structures and instruments of the country in which the course is performed.

The course presented by AJA EQS - developed in conjunction with our associate UK based company AIG - is approved for performance in many countries including:

  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • HongKong/PRC
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • UK

Delegates and Course Coverage

The course is founded on the premise that delegates can come from any one of a number of backgrounds:

  • Management System personnel
  • ISO 9000 Auditors
  • Environmental staff
  • Personnel with absolutely no practical experience at all

As such the course bas to be able to take such widely divergent delegates and bring them together in terms of their appreciation of:

  • The development of the ISO 14001 Standard
  • The Principles of Preventive Management described within the clauses of the Standard
  • Concepts of the "Environment" from an auditors viewpoint
  • The roles of Legislation within an Environmental Management System and Auditing of an EMS
  • The Evaluation of Significant Environmental Aspects as an essential component in EMS and in "scoping" an EMS audit
  • The Purpose, Types and uses of System Audits
  • Essential Phases of System Audits - Internal and Supplier Audits as well as 3rd Party Certification Assessments
  • Understanding Environmental Non-Compliance and the classification of Findings

Course Delivery

The course is written and presented by Professional EMS Auditors with unique and specific presentational skills and experience.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems demand a combination of systematic management allied to effective environmental controls; the teaching staff of AJA EQS, as professional auditors, bring both total understanding and practical experience to the delegates.

The course is highly interactive in its approach, using not simply Lectures but also Discussion sessions, Group Exercises and Question & Answer sessions. The intention of the approach is to provide the most "user friendly' learning environment, encouraging delegate participation not simple attention.

Auditing is a highly personal skill - auditors require not only theoretical understanding and knowledge but also communication and analytical disciplines. Delegate performance is assessed through a two fold approach of "Continual Assessment" - in order to be able to appreciate the :Personal" skills of delegates - and a Formal, 2 1/2 hour Examination - for the assessment of understanding and theoretical knowledge.

Delegates receive a formal Certificate on completion of the Examination marking and this certificate, if used by the delegate to support and pursue professional registration with EARA, is guaranteed EARA recognition and may earn the candidate up to a maximum of 5 points in EARA's review process.

The Timetable

Each day is planned to begin at 0845 and conclude at 1730. If required by clients the course can be performed over 4 days, in which case the days are extended to conclude at 2030. The timetables include morning and afternoon breaks as well as lunches and, in the case of the extended 4 day option, an evening meal break as well.

The Course Credentials

The course has, in its various "national" specific syllabus form, been performed as a "public" training event - open to delegates from a wide range of companies and industry sectors - over 50 times in Asia alone with more than 1000 delegates having attended these courses.

In addition to the "Public" training events, the course has also been presented as a "Client Specific" training activity for the following notable companies in the Region:

  • Toyota Motors Thailand
  • ReadRite Thailand
  • Seagate Technology Thailand
  • Thai Shell Ltd
  • Asia Matsushita
  • Sharpe Corporation
  • Hong Kong Productivity Council

and has been performed for some of the region's leading academic institutions - Chulalongkorn and Mahidol Universities in Thailand for example.

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